The Team

Peter Hume Hutch

PETER HUME | Art Direction & Videography

Professionally more recognisable as a Musician, Peter's career as an Art Director has grown simultaneously alongside his musical career. 

His experiences in the art of concept creation, idea refinement and project documentation are equally as valuable as his technical ability in Graphic Design, Photography &  Videography. 

Socials: @ThisIsAQuietMan  

Larissa Jane Ryan Hutch

LARISSA-JANE RYAN | Creative Manager

Engaging clients from indie rockers to diamond retailers, Larissa's interest lies in shaping an authentic brand story.

At university she founded a music-centric blog where she was able to learn various digital platforms and evaluate content marketing ideas. Curating her blog and collaborating with musicians opened avenues to study her professional peers.

She holds a Bachelor of Design in Creative Direction from The Whitehouse Institute of Design, a broad term that includes Project MGMT, Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Events and more. Her work has also been featured in mainstream media publications. (The Sunday Age, The Herald Sun, Home Beautiful Magazine etc.)

Socials: @LarissaJaneRyan @HutchCollective

Josh Milgate Hutch

JOSH MILGATE | Management

With a discerning eye for talent, Josh has worked with a variety of artists, furthering his managerial ambitions.

A bass player with a strong passion for Artist MGMT and Project MGMT. Josh understands the artistic process while also having the ability to see things from a businessman's, as well as a musician's, perspective. 

Having completed a year and a half of his major in Music Management, Josh soon realised the best way to meet potential clients was to be in the same room. He shortly switched majors and completed a Bachelor of Music.

    Socials: @JoshMilgate

Luke J Evans Hutch

LUKE EVANS | Social Media

Luke possesses a flair for content management and social media strategy. He is passionate about staying abreast of the most recent platform strategies and keeping on top of platform upgrades and algorithm changes.

Socials: @LukeJEvans